The Bus Moment

Earlier this week we were training in New York for NPD, a market research firm. While in discussion with a group president, Tim directed us to prepare his leaders for their "bus moment." We were stumped. We'd never heard the term.

Tim explained. "In leadership roles, it is inevitable. You will either get hit by a bus, or thrown under one. The more difficult of the two is being thrown under the bus, especially when it's not your fault, but you still have to take responsibility." He went on to explain that an individual's true character is measured by how they respond and bounce back.

Every professional understands this condition. Whether presenting internally to your team, or externally to clients, you too will face the bus moment. But if you expect it, you will be prepared. As you rehearse any presentation or meeting, imagine everything that could go wrong, and role play how you would handle it. Then, rather than a surprise or mistake jumping out of the shadows to scare you like Freddy Kruger, you will think, "No worries; I've seen worse" and recover. Happy Halloween.

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