The Descent

climber. woman climbs the mountain. backpacker vector illustration. conquest of the mountain

Kristin Harila, a 37-year-old Norwegian Saami, was on top of the world fourteen times. Harila just broke the record for climbing the world’s fourteen tallest peaks—all higher than 26,246 ft. It took her ninety-two days, while the previous record was 189 days. Harila did it with skill, tenacity, and Tenjin Sherpa, her climbing partner. It was an amazing feat.

Harila spoke about the necessity of caution on the descent because this is where most mountaineering tragedies occur. As we analogize speaking to mountaineering, it fits. Often, speakers hit their peak before the actual close, and their descent is harrowing. This causes lapses in energy, memory, and pacing which can diminish all earlier efforts.

After your presentation, be sure to follow up with sponsors, colleagues, and fans. Post quickly on sites like LinkedIn and be sure to include photos. This is key to booking future engagements and increasing your exposure. Like climbers who relax too soon, you could find yourselves sliding downslope without control. Seize the moment and make it all the way up, and safely down.

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