The Source

Talentless singer performing on a stage in musical competition

People are willing to give their opinion on just about everything today, especially via social media. But if they have no credentials or insights, and you’re swayed by opinion, any negative comment can affect you. After two days of training in Los Angeles, we heard from participants about critiques from colleagues, friends, and even family members, that stuck and hampered their progress in speaking.

Consider the source. Do the critics speak well? Do they really care about your success? Have they been paid for training or speaking?

Actors with successful careers learn to read reviews with objectivity or ignore them entirely. Yes, 360 evaluations can be useful, but always consider the source and weigh them carefully before taking them to heart or acting on them.

Best of all, develop your own form of assessment. Cast yourself in the third person and analyze that speaker you send out to represent you. Be kind but direct and look for specific ways to improve. Never beat yourself up for something you didn’t do well. Keep moving ahead, fearlessly and with intention.

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