Time Travelers

Man in dark space tunnel. Planets and vivid universe

Re-reading worthy books is a pleasure, and Wayfinding by M.R. O’Connor proves it. O’Connor focuses on episodic memory, or conscious recollection of previous experiences in time, place, and associated emotions. Episodic memory enables us to place ourselves in time, travel back to the past and forward into the future.

This ability is called time travel and separates us from all other animals. In Eloqui terms, if you take on the role of Seasoned Veteran, part of what you exhibit is a “time traveler.” Yes, regulations and company ethos don’t allow some service providers, like financial advisors to make guarantees or predictions.

But if you want to be seen as a Seasoned Veteran, dip into the past and make predictions based on your experience. After all, looking at patterns and developing a narrative is Homo Sapiens’ first and best skill, and fueled the birth of language. Describe events in your field over arcs of time and you will reassure your audience that you have vision, backed by experience.

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