Truly Scary

Portrait of beautiful blonde woman. Calm and self-confidence. Beautiful adult girl in black turtleneck, gray background free space

The entire San Francisco Bay Area has run out of black turtlenecks. Why? Because women decided to dress up on Halloween as Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced founder of Theranos. Elle magazine fueled the shortage with a story touting the basic 'costume' components: black turtleneck, bleached blonde wig, black eyeliner and blue contacts. Holmes wore this ensemble to work daily, before she was arrested on multiple wire and bank fraud charges.

In every industry, there are cons who adopt a costume, voice (Holmes' deep alto), and signature look to drive the masquerade. Their stories are also inflated with descriptors like "the biggest ever," "huge," and "the world's greatest". With enough bravado, even lies sell.

However, as Holmes' fate displays, liars are always found out. (Her trial begins in the summer of 2020). Unlike Holmes, be authentic. When speaking, your genuine self is your most persuasive element. Incorporate anecdotes or case studies with specific details. By recalling the actual event, all your senses fire with an inexhaustible source of material. And you will never have the fear that you too might become a Halloween icon.

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