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You probably won’t be surprised that the most well-respected authors at the Santa Fe Int'l Literary Festival advocated for the importance of storytelling. But as we listened to their various approaches, we thought of the applications of case studies to our clients’ businesses.

For example: “A story is a pebble in your shoe,” said Julia Alvarez (The Cemetery of Untold Stories.) When networking to develop partnerships and referrals, embedding your differentiators and values in a story will make you stick in a listener’s memory.

The same goes for your website. Rather than listing a menu of services, write a brief anecdote. Better yet, have your clients describe the problem you solved for them, and the steps you took. Stories demonstrate your worth and will be passed on. As Anthony Doerr (All the Light We Cannot See) said, “A story is a way of stretching time.”

Be artful and precise with your stories. Hampton Sides (The Wager) said “Narrative history has to be a page-turner.” Always hew to our structure of Obstacle, Solution and Benefit to keep your success stories tight and engaging. These authors are today’s bright lights of literature. Read them and you’ll pick up their descriptive power to infuse your work.

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