Viva la difference

This week, students are returning to school to learn and socialize with their peers. Mirror neurons in the brain fire when we see others behave, making it easier to mimic their actions. (This is what mammals do.)

The challenges of class size and meeting achievement levels present a dilemma. Teachers simply don’t have time to customize the curriculum or pay enough attention to individual students’ needs. Generative AI tools create even more similitude.

Humans need to learn rules of behavior, communication, and customs to survive in society. But viewing the standouts over the centuries, it’s those who learned a system, and then did it their way who sparked innovative advancements.

This is essential in speaking. Your perspective and way of expressing yourself is more valuable than being a slave to pro forma techniques. How uniquely your content is packaged will determine how well it is received. Your presentations should always be a balance of left and right brain, art and science, fact, and leaps of imagination. Deviate from the flock.

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