Walt Gonske paints the rich landscapes of the Southwest, and more recently, still lifes. He is one of the "Taos Six", a group of painters who revitalized the Taos art market. Recently, we visited Walt at his studio and asked why he thought his work had been sought after for so many years. His training and skill as an illustrator? Some intuitive, native gift?

Walt said, "Some painters will set up a scene of let's stay cowboys herding cattle, take a photo, then project it onto a canvas and trace it. That isn't art!" Instead, Walt finds a scene that speaks to him. He takes a canvas, sketches a rudimentary skeleton of the scene for scale, and then puts oil and brush to canvas. What's important to him is how he feels when he sits in front of the mountain, arroyo, or village. Walt's expression of the landscape, his brushstrokes and the colors he selects are what makes his paintings unique.

It's no different for business professionals composing a presentation. Stats, features and benefits are necessary, but they are only elements, not a finished piece. How you express what you're presenting and how it makes your audience feel is what can set you apart. Consider your background, culture, experiences, storytelling, and point of view. Choosing to be expressive rather than representational will lift you from a presenter to a masterful artist. Step up to Walt's Way. To see the works of this remarkable artist: www.waltgonske.com

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