White Gloves

Many of us in high school went kicking and screaming to "White Glove" training. The purpose was to prepare us for our place in society-- where things like distinguishing between cutlery and dancing the waltz were considered critical to our success. Today, the term implies first rate, as in having your car beautifully detailed, or furniture delivered professionally to your door.

Leverage white glove treatment in your business conversations and presentations. Be mindful of who is in the room. Being present allows you to adapt your communications, or change the focus altogether, based on what you're sensing from the audience.

The overall impression is yours to control. In one-on-one conversations, a warm handshake, with your elbow at your side (and drawing the other slightly to you) creates a sense of trust. Make your dominant face pleasant and open. Be careful of dramatic shifts from serious to ecstatic. If you do, the impression is that you are disingenuous.

When you present standing, especially for the opening, square your shoulders and let both hands rest at your side. Physical neutral shows you have nothing to hide and exhibits confidence. Give your audience the courtesy and respect that white glove treatment implies, and you will be rewarded.

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