Who are you?

Smoking caterpillar on a big red mushroom inspired by Alice in Wonderland fairytale - 3d render

This is the insightful question the Caterpillar asks Alice in Alice in Wonderland. When we strike up a conversation with a new person, it’s what our brain is also asking. When we identify their communication style, we can speak to them in their “language” and be more persuasive. But how do you correctly identify someone’s communication style?

1. Accelerators get straight to the point with certainty, commitment and very few details. They are confident and use terms like “It is” and “I know.” If you go on too long, they are bored.

2. Pragmatists speak of goals and processes. The value of investment or effort is important to them. They make checklists, arrive at solutions quickly and enjoy putting them into play.

3. Collaborators focus on human potential and connection. They talk of what it means to support their team or clients. They have high EQ and read people accurately. They use phrases like “I feel” or “I believe.”

4. Analyzers say, “I think.” They ask for details on how something works or the validity of your research and analysis. Decisions take them awhile. They are thoughtful, and level in mood and tone.

Yes, we need to flex in our jobs and personal relationships. But one style always leads.

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