Women Rise Up

There are so many outstanding women we could have celebrated during Women’s History Month. With the Academy Awards later tonight, we chose Jessica Chastain who just won a SAG Best Actress award to add to her Oscar and Golden Globe trophies.

In addition, Chastain is a spokesperson for humanitarian causes and started a production company for woman-centered roles. Still, she said, “…even ten years ago, I had imposter syndrome, which a lot of women have.”

This bugaboo afflicts many women, despite their age, experience or level of accomplishment. Add to that, it’s an unforgiving world. As women advance to positions of power and leadership, backward regimes and theocracies try to return them to positions of servitude. Yet, in spite of these and other challenges, many women stand up, speak out and advance parity in their field. We honor those brave women. And we strive to give them the tools and courage to advance their goals.

Breaking barriers, the Mayyas, a female Lebanese dance troupe, won First Prize on America’s Got Talent. Another remarkable accomplishment, the All-Girls Afghan Robotic Team were featured on NBC. These young scientists escaped the Taliban and in England are advancing everything from robotics to medical equipment. Lift and inspire the women on your team. The more you create a mix of men and women, the more productive, balanced, and successful you will be.

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