You’re Not Bragging

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John Meacham's new book Songs of America is a terrific look at our country through the lens of lyrics and music. We were fascinated with his discussion of "I" vs "We" in evoking communality.

Meacham explains that My Country Tis of Thee and This Little Light of Mine were written specifically to reflect communal expression. The use of "I" shows a sense of purpose and calls upon others to join the cause.

Consider these song titles and lyrics: I Can't Get no Satisfaction, I Believe in You, I Call Your Name. All are asking for a communal response, as in "Yes, me, too." The "I" makes the song and callout stronger. What is your response to We Can't Get no Satisfaction? Not as powerful.

To establish ownership of the material, we prompt clients to use "I" at least once in their business examples. The "I" displays their insight, as well as their investment or skin in the game. We often hear "Our firm is dedicated to the idea of we." However, the use of "I" is critical. Insert an "I", and then open up about what your team did for the client. You'll display individual strength and great teamwork. I guarantee it.

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